Our Work

We serve as trusted experts on all investor relations matters. We design and implement a customized program for each client in order to meet their needs and goals. Our professional team has brought a broad range of financial and communication expertise to every client across many industries.


Biotech companies utilize biological processes and modern engineering technologies in the development of health care and agriculture products in China.

Online-to-Offline Commerce Platform

O2O companies use internet platforms to connect online users and offline merchants through games, rewards and social events that users enjoy, and allow offline merchants deliver internet advertising effectively and then online users make purchase at brick and mortar stores.

Plastic Products

Plastic products companies produce and distribute plastic related products, including cutlery, cups, plates, bowls and other products used by restaurants and supermarkets.

Business Service Company

Business service companies focus on customer care services by providing information technology based works, including contact center services, sales and customer relationship management.


Farming companies in the business of breeding animals for meat related products, which used to sell through supermarkets and retail outlets, including hogs, sheep as well as cattle.

Paper & Paper Products

Paper & paper products companies produce and distribute a diversified paper related products, including tissue paper, printing paper and packaging paper, and used in magazines, food packaging and construction.

Apparel Clothing

Apparel clothing companies design, manufacture and sell clothing, footwear and accessories, including everything from essential to luxury items.